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Ashley Nicastro. Sung Uk Kim. Jasmine Williams. Eli Fernandez. Hannah Ranfranz. Priscila Leimbacher. Allison Vaeth.

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Jordanne Lee. Romina Basualdo. Calysta Upperman.

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Julenoy Dias. Jasmine Gonzalez. Jessica Dolias. Alessia De Mitri. Alexandra Sanchez. Amanda Aguzzi. Cassandra Murphy. Erika Relova. Eun Jin Kwon. Eveline Szala.

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Hanuel Seong. Kristen Markowski. Krysten Wondrack. Maria Robles. Monica Sanchez. Natalie Richards. Navreet Josan. Paige Habermehl. Roxanne Huff. Sarah Devore. Stephanie Mahoe. Victoria Harbuz.Prominent Afghan athlete Yasin Qaderi has bid farewell to bodybuilding sports and has vowed not to appear on competition stages unless the government resolve the visa issue which he and several other Afghan athletes face on daily basis to participate in major international competitions. He informed regarding his decision to abandon sports by posting a lengthy statement in his official Facebook page late on Thursday, accusing the government of neglecting the athletes.

Qaderi says he has been struggling with the visa issue for the past three years and has failed to participate in major international competitions despite knocking on the doors of ARG Palace, Sapidar Palace, Parliament and other institutions.

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Qaderi also believes that the issue could be resolved if the government issues official or service passports to athletes. In another part of his statement Qaderi claims that certain nations are prepared to provide him all the facilities including visas provided that he competes under their flag.

However, Qaderi says he prefers to abandon sports and bid farewell to his career rather than competing under the flag of another nation. Yasin Qaderi is one of the prominent bodybuilding athletes of Afghanistan who has won several medals on international stages including a gold medal in Macau bodybuilding competition in China.

The Khaama Press News Agency is the leading and largest English news service for Afghanistan with over 3 million hits a month. Photo Source: UNV. Tehrik-i-Taliban leader, Amir Nawaz, who was suspected of killing the renowned aid worker and Japanese Reports indicated, Two civilians were killed and five others were injured in Two separate explosions Your email address will not be published.

Friday 12 February, About Us Sitemap Contact Us. Afghanistan wins gold in virtual Taekwondo Poomsae event February 3, In The News. President Ghani Spoke to Tajik, Kazakh leaders over bilateral relations. String of IED blasts claim 2 civilians in Nangarhar. Facebook Twitter youtube instagram linkedin.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.I f was a year of unremitting bad news, a faint light may have been missed by many in mid-September — the start of historic Afghan peace talks aimed at ending a decades-long war. A reminder, if one were needed, of their herculean task comes in a page-turning account of the lives of Afghan women from cradle to grave — whether or not the Taliban are in charge, they live in a deeply conservative society.

But like news of Afghan peace talks, this work by an Afghan professor of Persian literature may have passed you by since not all of her writing has been translated and so elegantly by Zaman Stanizai.

At the heart of this moving memoir is an aching sadness. But invisible bullets and very visible Russian tanks hint at the big bad world beyond in the decade after the Soviet invasion that sparked the years-and-counting war.

How can a youngster understand why Soviet soldiers are called the Red Army? An answer emerges when Qaderi sees them clapping and shouting, their faces growing red with laughter. But perhaps this cements one of her central points. Qaderi wants nothing more than education. With her mother as a co-conspirator — along with her brother, father and grandfather — she finds a way to secretly hold classes for keen children on her street.

There are good men in her life who help her survive bad days and patriarchal ways, chief among them her bibliophile father, who reads Russian literature even as he fights the Red Army and then buries his library under a mulberry tree for safekeeping when the Taliban come to power.

To order a copy go to guardianbookshop. Delivery charges may apply. Book of the day Autobiography and memoir. Lyse Doucet. Topics Autobiography and memoir Book of the day Afghanistan reviews. Reuse this content.This is perhaps because the author is herself an educator, one who gives us numerous life lessons in her heartbreaking, first-hand account of growing up under Soviet occupation and Taliban rule.

Qaderi was fortunate enough to be part of a close-knit family as a child. Qaderi recalls the danger of going outside amidst the sound of fighter planes and gunfire, on one occasion witnessing her aunt being shot in the eye whilst trying to run for shelter.

These moments are described with brutal candour, reminding us how painfully normal violence becomes for youngsters in wartime. Soviet atrocities continue until they leave in Februarybut life for Afghan women goes from bad to worse when the Taliban take over. Once the Taliban insurgency turns into a fully-fledged regime, she notices how life has become more limited than ever.

No woman is allowed outside unless fully covered and accompanied by a man. Girls must not be educated under any circumstances. But Qaderi and her family will not be battered into submission, even as they see recusant child brides being sold to bearded Talibs. They start holding secret classes for local children, all of them keen to learn how to read and write.

Dancing and singing, both now crimes of blasphemy, are soon added to the forbidden syllabus. It is during these lessons that Qaderi begins to find her voice as a teacher. She develops a powerful activism and remarkable grit, all of which adds to her charisma as a narrator. And yet by expressing her agony in these letters, Qaderi voices the pain of the entire Afghan diaspora, mourning the loss of their homeland.

She looks back in horror at what has happened to her war-torn country. She is constantly expanding her intellect, even though she risks her life in doing so. Eventually her talents are confirmed by the popularity of the stories she publishes, although her family fear the wrath of Taliban censors if her name appears anywhere in print. In s Afghanistan, women have all but disappeared from public view. Neither she nor her family ever loses their sense of purpose in the face of adversity.

They see the burning injustices around them, all the while keeping faith that beyond this misery is a world where women and girls are treated with dignity. Such resilience is a testament to their strength of character; a refusal to conform to the demands of their oppressors, even when situations appear utterly hopeless. And whilst nothing will ever relieve the suffering that Qaderi and others have been through, she ultimately believes her struggle will not be in vain.

Perhaps one day, for the sake of all Afghan women, this will no longer be the case. He graduated from Oxford University in and is a future lawyer. Related Articles. The grief of a Wakhani family: when war and poverty join hands February 6, Eight media workers killed in country in January 2, Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram.


Close Search for.Homeira Qaderi's memoir is a public cry to be recognized and remembered by the person who would ordinarily be closest to her in life, her son, Siawash. Qaderi, an acclaimed writer, professor of literature, an adviser on equity for women to the Afghan government, had her son taken from her arms after her husband declared their marriage over in a three-word text message - divorce, divorce, divorce - when he wanted to take a second wife into their home.

She's written a memoir to try to tell her son, who she says will grow up to inherit the country, about the lives of women in Afghanistan, including hers. Thank you so much for being with us. It means that when we are Afghan women, we always carry our history, not our geography.

So you think of Taliban. I remember Lida phmy best friend. I remember Shakiba phanother best friend - that school would close, and we saw each other in our house sometimes if the family allowed us to see each other. I remember that was really bad. But I wanted to say our life was not only in the - bad or hard only the period of Taliban. In period of democracy, also, the women and girls doesn't have a good situation in this country. It wasn't like a class for writing and reading.

It was like a class for reading Quran Sharif, the holy book of Muslim. I even more remember the face of the boys who - dancing around the girls.

Afghanistan 🇦🇫 first IFFB PRO BODYBUIDLER ahmad salik yasin qaderi getting ready for Europe cmp

The dance was really good and perfect. You know, Taliban never count on me as a teacher and never take me very serious and don't care about me. When the girl or boys dancing in the class, the Talib came, and they attend. The mosque was a tent - big tent. And he also saw the dance. But I told him that it's not a dance. It's like a punishment for the girls and the boys who couldn't read Quran Sharif very well.

I married because my husband - my ex-husband living in Tehran, and he was a student of politics law.Qaderi managed to win the first spot and bag the gold medal during the Global Classic bodybuilding competition which is being held in Macau of China.

According to reports, bodybuilding athletes from various countries have participated in Global Classic bodybuilding competition in which Mr. Qaderi managed to secure first position and bag a gold medal by taking lead in the competition among his rivals.

yasin qaderi instagram

This comes as Mr. Qaderi had also defeated all his rivals during a similar competition which was organized in Mongolia in October of Earlier, Mr.

yasin qaderi instagram

Qaderi had managed to secure first position during the Asia Amateur bodybuilding championship in August of The Asia Amateur bodybuilding competition was held in South Korea in August of in which sixteen athletes had participated from Afghanistan. The Khaama Press News Agency is the leading and largest English news service for Afghanistan with over 3 million hits a month.

Taliban fighters have reportedly been called out of their traditional winter break from fighting Your email address will not be published. Sunday 07 February, About Us Sitemap Contact Us. Afghanistan wins gold in virtual Taekwondo Poomsae event February 3, In The News. Corrupt Senators get three years of jail time. Afghan Hindus among many wounded in Kabul explosion. Facebook Twitter youtube instagram linkedin.

Afghan Athlete Yasin Qaderi Wins Gold At World Amateur Championships

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.He dreamed about becoming a competitive athlete ever since his early days. This was the year when he took part at the Asian Bodybuilding Championships and secured 1st place. It consists of workouts per week, and focuses on high-intensity exercises with short rest times. This brings a lot of blood and oxygen to his tissue, leading to better nutrient delivery to the muscle. He uses this approach when looking to increase his strength.

Homeira Qaderi Reflects On Motherhood In Her New Memoir

As he gets closer to the contest, Yasin will increase the frequency, as well as the duration of his cardio sessions. It all boils down to eating organic and healthy foods that keep his body strong and working optimally. He eats wholesome meals that consist of lean meats, whole grains, and omega-3 fats. When he wants to drop weight for a contest, Yasin will introduce more proteins into his diet, along with reducing carbs.

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What we can learn from Yasin Qaderi, is that keeping your physique lean and aesthetic comes down to several factors. First and foremost, your diet is key. Secondly, a training routine with heavy compound exercises and short rest periods is an effective way of adding lean muscle to your frame. Aim for small daily victories, as these will lead you towards a greater success — just like Yasin Qaderi has shown us.

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